Vendor Information

Arrival and Setup

Vendors may begin setting up as early as 8:30am and should be completely set up no later than 9:45am.  Please DO NOT begin setting up without a market manager present on the Common.

We do recruit volunteers to help with setup and breakdown but we cannot guarantee that they will be available, so please plan accordingly.

Once you have finished setting up, you will be asked to relocate your vehicle.  For more information on where to unload and where to park, please scroll to the bottom of the page.


You are not permitted to start packing up your items or breaking down your booth until the market officially ends at 2pm, even if there are no customers at your booth or if you have completely sold out of your items.

After 2pm, you may retrieve your vehicle and begin packing up.  All vendors should be completely off the Common by 3pm.

 We do recruit volunteers to help with setup and breakdown but we cannot guarantee that they will be available, so please plan accordingly. 

Weather Policy

Our market will run rain or shine.  We are currently investigating the possibility of a rain location that will allow us to conduct our market indoors in the event of poor weather, however we cannot guarantee that at this time.  If we cannot identify a rain location, we will only cancel the market in the event of a weather emergency.

Any notices regarding changes to the market (e.g. cancellation due to weather) will be posted on the market website and our social media pages, as well as e-mailed to the vendors scheduled for that date, no later than 6am.

Booth Assignment

Booth placements are assigned.  We will make every effort to e-mail out booth assignments in advance of each market.  However, if you have not received the booth assignments, please check in with the market managers when you arrive to the market in order to determine your booth assignment.  If you set up in the wrong location, you will be asked to move.

Vendors at our market every week will have the same location each week.  We make our best effort to place other vendors in the same spot each time, but this cannot be guaranteed.  Note that we have limited spots available with electricity access.  If you require this access, please let us know as soon as possible, preferably along with your application, so we can make sure we are able to accommodate you.


Arrival and Parking

The above map should help you with arrival and parking.  Most people will be arriving on North Rd (Rt 4) and should turn into the Chelmsford Common area via Academy St (the start of the red arrow).  Note that there is a light at this intersection.  Turn left onto the one-way section of Westford St and find an available spot for unloading.  We cannot block the road, but it is rather wide, so we can usually accommodate unloading along the entire Westford St side of the Common, not just in the parking spaces.  If nothing is available, please park in the church parking lot across the street.

Once you have unloaded your materials, you must relocate your vehicle to make room for customer parking during the market.  The suggested route is shown in yellow on the above map.  You will have to turn around (we are suggesting doing so in the shopping center parking lot on 110) and come back around to turn left on Academy St.  This time, when you get to Westford St, please turn right and proceed to the parking lot behind the Baptist Church.  There is a walkway next to the church building to return to the Common (or you can just walk back along the sidewalk on Westford St).  Please note that, unless you have handicap plates or disable placards, we cannot accommodate requests to remain parked near the Common.